Posted by: cstrohmeyer | February 9, 2008

Thanks to Friends

I am writing my first post to say thanks to a few friends (there are many I can thank for their support and I will get to everyone over time);

First is Roger Stewart from Bethany Presbyterian for praying with me and helping me deal with my nightmares and feelings of inadequacy during recent weeks (the last decade has been very tough, read more by clicking on my name in my about me section).

I would also like to say thanks to Tommy Butler for his moral and professional support, this has often been invaluable to me on so many levels. Also I would like to thank many members of Everything Aquatic that have been supportive, especially when compared to the flaming I have received elsewhere in Internet forums.
Many of the members at EA from John, Lori, Bill, Jon and MANY others have been great!
See this link for Everything Aquatic:

Jon has also written a few entries for my Fish as Pets Blog as well.
See this link for Fish as Pets:

Finally, Steven Wright as he has been not only an honest and loyal employee, but an excellent friend determined to bring my business up from the ashes many others want to place it in.
Steven has really gotten into Aquarium Keeping along with his passion for art.
Our website link:

Finally (and certainly not least) is Tommy Butler for his moral, technical, professional, and inspirational support. The list is too long to mention however many improvements on my web site were either done directly by him or inspired by him, not to mention ideas for blog posts as well.



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  2. Thank you for the blog/post
    As well as the camping and aquatic information!

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