Posted by: cstrohmeyer | March 16, 2011

Cessna 172 Flight with my son

In January 2011 I flew a plane again (with a check pilot that is) at Grants Pass Oregon Airport.
This was the first time since about 1998 while I was still in Southern California.
Further Grants Pass information:
Grants Pass Oregon Information

I took my son Timothy (who has high functioning autism) who has recently shown an interest in airplanes/aviation.

He shot a video of much of the taxi portion of this flight and a short part of the actual flight before he felt a bit ill (which unfortunately got worse due to his still getting over the flu plus turbulence).
Outside of the turbulence it was an unusually clear day for late Janurary here in Southern Oregon; an excellent day for flying in my opinion.

The Airplane was a Cessna 172 with a Lycoming 180 hp engine (most earlier 172s have the Lycoming 160 engines).
I should also add that my experience in Cessnas in general is limited with most of my experience in the Piper Cherokee and Seneca, and my more limited Cessna experience was in a Cessna 182 (with a 230 hp Continental engine)

Please see the video below that my son made:



  1. How much I miss flyinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was nice seeing this takeoff, but next time come here and take me for a ride also… I can’t stand being grounded anymore!!! hahahaha Nice blog 😉

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