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Good Sam or Rotten Sam? Review of Good Sam

Good Sam Club, Rotten Sam

I have been a member of the Good Sam Club since the 1980s, however as with the RV industry in general, their customer service has slid; in fact more so (with a few exceptions) with the Good Sam Club where customer service and the help I pay for as a member is totally non existent!
Sadly this was not always the case.

Here are just a few of my experiences

  1. Emergency Road Side Assistance;
    Twice I have contacted Good Sam ERS, once just outside the largest town for over 100 miles with no help ever to arrive (in one case I was able to fix the problem myself and get going about an hour later, in the other I finally called a local tow service)
  2. Good Sam Action Line;
    While back in the early 90s I got an excellent response (back when Good Sam was “Good”), a more recent request (for my Onan Generator) went un-answered.
  3. Inaccurate ratings in Campground Directory that NEVER get corrected despite many persons complaints;
    An example is Comstock RV Park in Carson City Nevada, where the facilities were poor, the place was dirty with many old truck campers sitting off the truck, narrow spaces that were not 5th wheel accessible (as per my father who also went here in a 5th wheel), non functioning Spa, despite calling ahead to only find it not working.
    If the reader would like more proof, simply read this website (some reviews are good, but not the majority and the three persons I know personally that have camped here all gave it a major thumbs down):
  4. Most recently, I have attempted to interact on the Good Sam Blog (as I have with others RVer blogs with relevant comments, questions, experience, etc.), only to never have my comments appear.
    I blog considerably with Word Press & Blogger, mostly for my Aquarium Information profession in areas such as lighting, sponge filters, treatments, etc.
    As an example here is my aquarium lighting article:

    Although I also realize this can happen, so this was not the real problem, rather the multiple emails and phones calls which went unanswered (which I have made in the past for other non responses by “Good” Sam [actually Rotten Sam]).
    In the phone calls I was told on at least three occasions to expect a response within 48 hours, HOWEVER no return call or email was ever forthcoming!!

This last incident really sums it up, because this is the most basic of customer service courtesy; Returning calls or emails!
I know with my business, that even emails/calls from persons that are rude need to be returned & if anything I have been “patsy” according others who know me well in putting up with this type of treatment for a long time before finally taking action, as exemplified in my post about problems with my Onan Generator:
Onan Generator Problems and rude treatment at Siskyou RV World)

I am sorry if this blog post might seem offensive or overly negative, as my intention of this “Endeavors” website is to post stories/post of a positive nature for others to enjoy, but I feel to look the other way after all this would be both dishonest and a disservice to others who might be on the fence about a Good Sam Membership.

If you are a Good Sam Member and have thoroughly enjoyed it; GREAT! However if your experience is similar or if you are on the fence about a membership, I would encourage you to think this through and maybe consider another club such as AAA which in the short time we have been with them, the difference in customer service in night and day!

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  1. I have a friend who has had similar complaints with Good Sam, in particular their customer service. So based on your blog post and my friend I am definitely going with AAA!

  2. Thank you very much for the blog! Very unbiased and honest. Looking into travel trailers and such and this was helpful. The RV industry has been consolidating over the years, and this may be a result.

  3. i think they are horrible, they take your money and when you need the service they give you a run around and will not help. will switch to AAA or go with out.

  4. both clubs are bullshit and only want to make money for the company.

  5. Now that Affinity has taken completely over, it appears that “Good” Sam is only interested in making money for the big conglomerate. Service to the average RVer is not on their radar!

  6. I have been a Good Sam subscriber since 2007. I have used it a total of 5 times and while the savings far exceeded the premiums the service has declined every time I have called them. Recently I broke down 30 miles from my home and I called for a tow to a reputable dealership. Good Sam customer service would not tow it to this location stating it exceeded the 35 mile limit, but they would tow it to a service facility over in a very poor section of town which I had never heard of. After being on the phone for 3 hours they finally agreed to tow it to my choice, but was very rude with me. As it turned out their choice was 2.5 miles further than my choice. My wife emailed them several times complaining about the service and stating that the location we had selected was closer than what they had said. They never acknowledged the fact that we were right and they were wrong, but said if we would update our plan it would cover additional miles next time. Needless to say I cancelled my Roadside Assistance and a recently purchased Extended warranty on a newer RV. I don’t want to go through the trouble getting repairs that I did getting a tow.

  7. Wish I’d have seen this before I bothered to try comparing with them. There are three people in the call center? Three? Really? I know this, because the woman, Shayla, told me. Apparently my calling multiple times to ask a couple of questions at a time was interrupting their conversation or something, because once I was hung up on by Andrew when he didn’t notice his headset rang through. When I asked to speak with her supervisor, Shayla informed me that I HAD ALREADY! So, one of the CSRs is also the supervisor? Um…What is this a collection agency? I asked about winching services, and Shayla transferred me to dispatch. I think dispatch was just Andrew, because I was hung up on again. It was really the rant that Shayla insisted wasn’t rude, because she’ be happy to sit on the phone with me for an hour and answer all of my questions at once, while she yelled over me with ever word I attempted to say, and then told me it was fine that I go with AAA because apparently Good Sam didn’t train their CSRs. People, they have an A+ with the BBB. WHY? If they’re leaving you on the side of the road, COMPLAIN! I’m gonna complain about the rudeness and unprofessional staff. And I’m gonna compare Allstate Motorclub with AAA, and whichever is better I’m going with. Screw Rotten Sam. I’d rather call Ted Bundy for a tow.

  8. We started camping in 2008 and have used Good Sam since that time. I agree with the customer service. My latest issue with them is with the Barclay Good Sam Visa Card which offers points for purchases, camping, etc. They offer “3 points for every dollar spent on camping.” I recently discovered they do not give 3 points for every dollar spent on military campgrounds. I sent many e-mails to Barclays and Good Sam Customer Service, only to be told it is the way the “merchant categorizes their submission to Visa’s.” Although the most recent military campground we stayed was for “lodging.” I have met with no assistance in getting this straightened out.
    If you are familiar with military campgrounds, they are across the country and can be used by both active duty, retired, and DOD employees. If you are using your Good Sam Visa card expecting 3 points for every dollar spent on camping you might want to keep an eye on your account.

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