I was born in 1959, in the City of Baldwin Park, CA.

My interests started early too.

My dad (Garry) took me to many air shows and well a 9th birthday private plane ride in a Piper Cherokee (I also was allowed to take control of the yoke)

*Aquarium Keeping:
Around 8 years of age I started with my first aquarium; a 5 gallon
This progressed to a 40 gallon saltwater as a teenager.

Later I would get a job at a Pet Store, followed by a promotion to the chain’s fish department manager.
This was followed by my starting a professional aquarium and pond maintenance business, which gained many prominent clients.

I have been camping since the late 60s with my immediate family and grandfather

During this time I developed a love for Utah, Yellowstone, the Eastern Sierra, and more

Later I would camp in a tent followed by a small truck camper.
This was followed by a larger Lance Camper on a Chevy Silverado, then a Class C Winnebago, and finally now with a Full Frame Travel Trailer (not a “Lite”) pulled by my Toyota Tundra

I began skiing in earnest during the late 70s, often skiing every other weekend in the Southern California Mountains at places such as Mt. Waterman, Mt. Baldy, Mountain High, and more.

Later during the 80s I would go to Mammoth Mountain Ski area once per winter

For my Full Bio:
Carl Strohmeyer, Bio


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