My Business

American Aquarium Products, Internet Store, supplies, filters, pumps, treatments, lights and moreAmerican Aquarium Products of Oregon

This page is simply about my business (for those interested) and a few of the products I sell and think are either unique or a good value as compared to the current offerings on the internet or in local aquarium stores:

The first is actually an aquatic information article that is very unique (& and IMO under utilized):
Unique well researched aquatic lighting information, resourcesAquarium Lighting The internet premier aquatic lighting article. Unique information assembled in one place that includes PAR, Lumens per watt, aquarium plant lighting, reef lighting as well as resources not found in other more anecdotal aquarium lighting articles.

Aquarium Cleaning Machine, power gravel vacuum, micron filterAquarium Cleaning Machine; A unique product! “Not just a filter, but a monthly maintenance miracle”
Better; A useful tool (cleaning machine) for good aquarium husbandry! Probably the best innovation since the Python!
*Winner of the Pet Trade Aquarium New Product of the year: 2006
* Cleans both Fresh and saltwater aquariums.
*Useful for FW aquariums with high DOC (dissolved organic compounds) where a large water change to remove organic mulm would cause osmotic shock, as a large water change is not necessary with this machine to remove mulm.
* Great for Nitrate removal in marine aquariums, after changing 20% or more of your water, close the valve and keep cleaning your aquarium until the water is clean, thus removing debris before it goes thru the nitrogen cycle.

Via Aqua VitaLife HOB Filters;
• Removes Surface impurities with the exclusive Vita Life skimmer (Model 200)
• Nitrifying bacterial grid, no need to change. Vastly superior to filters with cartridges alone. Easier to maintain healthy bio bacterial colonies than with bio wheels.

Million Air high performance, value aquarium airpumps, compare to Whisper, MaximaVia Aqua Million Air Pumps: Reliable and economical hydroponics or aquarium air pump.
*Easy to maintain
*Compare to Rena in quality
*MA 600 compares to Hagen Optima in output
*As quiet as Whisper pumps, but a better value

Unique, simple, value, aquarium plants CO2 systemCO2 Generator; Sanders Floramat CO2 aerosol generator system.
• Great for beginners
• Simple set up
• Can be set up with an air pump or without one
• Simple and VERY effective diffuser.
• Under normal conditions, does not add CO2 at night like many yeast based CO2 generators will.
• Uses simple CO2 pressurized aerosol can (provided)

Quality and value UV Sterilizers that work, Terminator and our own Custom UnitAquarium and Pond UV Sterilizers
UV Sterilizers that work without all the gimmicks many currently flooding the market have.
This includes my own custom 15 Watt UV Sterilizer as well as the tested and proven Terminator Compact UVs that are a better value with similar or better performance to other compact UV Sterilizers currently available such as Coralife Turbo Twist, Jebo, Aqua Medic, or Tetra.

For Compact UV Replacement bulbs (PLS, PLL, with G11 & G23 bases, please click the picture on the left


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