Posted by: cstrohmeyer | May 25, 2010

RV Park Discrimination

RV Park Discrimination

I will break from my usual “travel log” & pictures style post, with an editorial style post.
In my travels with my camping group “around the camp fire” as well as conversations with others I meet on the road, online, or elsewhere, one subject often comes up:
How ridiculous it is that some misguided “snooty” RV parks discriminate against older RVs, no matter how well these are maintained.
Both I and the many I speak with not only find this ridiculous, it is also poor business (and possibly even borderline illegal).
This would compare to telling someone who is 65 they are not welcome, no Model Ts are allowed at drive-ins such as “Sonic” or even worse; no persons of a certain ethnicity are welcome.
I understand a “Dress Code”, which admittedly can be somewhat subjective, but as long a set and published set of standards are utilized (which many nicer RV Parks already perform such no Truck Campers ‘off the truck’), this can be quite workable and allow those who pride themselves in their classic rigs.

Classic Air Stream TrailerThese anti-older RV rules not only discriminate against those who are original owners of more common Class A or C Motor homes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, etc, but against those who restore such classics as GMC motor homes or AirStream travel trailers (which in my opinion a well kept one of these often look nicer than many brand new trailers).

Even with more common RVs, what is wrong with being thrifty and purchasing an RV for life and treating it and caring for it like a member of the family? Is it not commendable to spend ones’ money wisely by meticulously maintaining a RV rather than buying a new one every few years?

Another fall out of this type of RV discrimination are RV parks such as Park City RV Resort in Utah that only allow Class A or 5th Wheel Trailers in the well groomed, paved upper lot and force ALL OTHERS into the lower lots/spaces with a steep, unpaved, and downright dangerous access road that no travel trailer in particular should legally ever be allowed to travel on.
In fact we lost traction after this Park City RV Resort laid fresh gravel on this 20% incline that resulted in our truck loosing traction going uphill, then sliding backwards, almost off the side with our trailer!!

My personal opinion is that all RV owners and especially RV clubs should boycott those RVs that practice this sort of discrimination (such as Park City RV Resort, Utah) and award RV Parks that practice “RV Dress Codes” to maintain a nice camping experience such as Seven Feathers RV Resort (Oregon) with more business.
Reference: Seven Feathers RV Park Web Page


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